Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt at Heritage Museum of Santa Ana is becoming a very popular free event where families come together and bring their kids to have a fun day and full of activities. They have egg designated hunting areas all around Heritage Museum. They have all kinds of game, face painting, crafts, opportunity drawings, and this year they even had an area inside the Kellog House designated for families to have their family portrait with the Easter Bunny. I normally photograph many weddings each year at Heritage Museum, and this year I was invited to take part taking all family portraits with the Easter Bunny inside the Kellog House. I had a great time seeing parents and kids having an awesome time during this free event. every kid had a chance to play and meet new friends. I am now looking forward to doing family portraits again next year for another crazy-fun Easter Egg Hunt at Heritage Museum. Jamie and her team really go above and beyond to make sure all families have a blast and enjoy this free Easter Egg Hunt day and make it a fun family-day to remember. Kids have a great time with their parents, enter ruffle ticket games, and have lots of laughs and a few cries here and there. If you attended this Easter Egg event this year and had your portrait taken there, please click on this gallery link below and download your full-size digital file. Gallery Link ) You can share it with your family, social media, or better yet, print it and hang it somewhere in your home. Happy Easter and hope to see you all next year. Don’t forget to bring a basket for your egg hunt. Here are a few photos from Easter Egg Hunt last week at Heritage Museum of Santa Ana California.  [dt_gap height=”10″ /]

Easter Egg HuntEaster Egg HuntEaster Egg Hunt

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